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Gas cookers do not have a
Release date: 2018-6-12 8:45:15 Views:1377
Why must I buy a gas cooker equipped with a flameout protection device? The relevant person in charge of Zibo China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. told reporters that many citizens are accustomed to broth porridge, and it is easy to boil over the stove and extinguish the fire; most of the stoves are located near the window. Position, it is easy to blow out the fire when encountering strong wind; a few elderly people are unskilled when using the cooker, and may turn off the cooker knob after turning off the fire; children playing with the gas cooker may cause leakage. In view of the above reasons, it is necessary to purchase a gas cooker with a flameout protection device, so that the gas cooker in the home has fewer "lifesaving needles", which has become a safety hazard.
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