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Is it safe to use gas stoves? 10 major matters to see carefully
Release date: 2018-6-12 9:59:16 Views:1503
The winter is a frequent gas accident and easy to send season. The Municipal Public Utilities Administration yesterday reminded the general public to pay attention to the top 10 safety issues when using gas cookers.

These 10 major security issues include:

1. According to the “Safety Management Rules for Domestic Gas Burning Appliances” (GB17905), the lapse time of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas water heaters and gas cookers is 8 years from the date of sale. The general public must timely replace the over-current gas appliances to ensure the safety of gas burning appliances.

2. According to the provisions of "Household Gas Cooker" (GB16410), the household gas cooker must have a flameout protection device, and the valve closing time should be less than or equal to 60 seconds, otherwise it is judged as unqualified. The general public must choose a gas cooker with a flameout protection device to ensure safe use of gas.

3. When purchasing the gas cooker, the public should choose the regular brand that has the quality of the stove and the after-sales service, and refuse to purchase the unqualified products of the cottage brand.

4. When purchasing a gas cooker, it should be ensured that the cooker is suitable for the gas source in the home, and it is required to provide the gas source adaptability test certificate. The Catalogue of Gas Source Adaptability Test can go to the Provincial Housing and Construction Bureau and the Municipal Public Utilities Bureau. Website inquiry

5. According to the “Zibo City Gas Management Regulations”, if pipeline gas users need to expand the gas range, change the gas use, or install, modify or dismantle the fixed gas facilities, they should go through the relevant formalities with the gas business enterprise. With the consent of the gas business enterprise, it shall be implemented by a unit that has the qualification for installation and maintenance of gas burning appliances or gas engineering construction.

6. When using a gas cooker, the normal flame color is blue. At this time, the gas cooker has the highest combustion efficiency, and the carbon monoxide content of the flue gas is not easy to exceed the standard.

7. In the process of using the gas cooker, someone must be taken care of to prevent the soup from overflowing and extinguishing the fire, resulting in gas leakage. 8. The room using the gas cooker must be well ventilated, not to stack flammable materials, and not to be used as a storage room or a resident.

9, gas cooker should be regularly maintained, keep the stove surface clean, regularly clear the vent hole to prevent blockage, keep the cooker clean and smooth.

10. If gas leaks are found in the room, please follow the steps below: (1) quickly close the gas source main valve; (2) prohibit opening or closing any electrical appliances or use the telephone or mobile phone to cut off the outdoor power supply; (3) extinguish everything (4) quickly open the doors and windows, let the natural gas to the outside; (5) call the gas company to rescue and repair the phone; (6) find the neighbor's gas leak, you should knock the door notice, do not use the doorbell ( Prevent sparks from causing gas explosions; (7) If the situation is serious, evacuate the site immediately and call the fire alarm 119.
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